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I Am Getting Ready For Ramadan. Are You?

I remember Ramadan 2014 as it came yesterday but SubhanAllah now Ramadan 2015 is round the corner, after almost a year. Time flies!

Before every Ramadan, everyone makes resolutions to spend the blessed month in the best manner possible. But we often see the month coming to an end before our eyes without having achieved any of our goals.

Here the golden words are PRODUCTIVITY and WILLPOWER.

I always read all the ramadan-productivity articles on before and during Ramadan. I soon realized that mere reading cannot help you achieve your goals. It requires strong willpower, determination and effort.

This year i have decided to work towards my Ramadan goals well ahead of time i.e. in the month of Sha’aban. This is a good practice to know how effectively one can reach their goals in one month. Here are some of my goals and action plans for them.

DUA : weapon of the believer

Sinere dua (supplication) is the best of all action plans. Make sincere dua to Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala that may He increase your productivity, bless your time with barakah and help you accomplish your goals. Do it daily!


MyDuaa on Appstore- Excellent app!



I always found myself leaving voluntary acts of worship because i was lazy to make wudhu. It is one of the many tricks and traps of shaytan. After i realized how much ajr i missed out on just because of my laziness, i started renewing my wudu as soon as it was required. Allhamdulillah by doing so, i ended up reading the Qur’an whenever i had the chance to and offered voluntary prayers as soon as i remembered.

I hardly go out of the house without having wudu, as now i feel very uneasy and incomplete without it 🙂 This helps me use my time more productively by reading the Qur’an, especially when i am waiting for my kids in the car or when i am out with them at their football training sessions. Renew at once!


I always find it a challenge to complete the whole Qur’an in Ramadan, although it is easily achievable. This is only due to lack of practice and poor time management. That is why this year i started reading the Qur’an in February. In the beginning i read just 1-2 pages daily but as Ramadan is drawing closer, i have increased the number of pages.

Hopefully, this daily reading habit will help me in reading the complete Qur’an atleast once in Ramadan. Inshaa Allah! Develop a habit of reading at least 2 pages from the mushaf after each salah!


An alternative to mushaf , Quran applications.



This one requires a lot of effort and determination. After reading a few articles on sleep management, i went on to try the most emphasized tip, which also happens to be the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Allaihi Wassallam, Qailulah – the afternoon nap.

Prophet Muhammad Salallahu Allaihi Wasslam said:

“Take a nap, for the shayaateen do not take naps” (Tabaraani)

Although afternoon naps give me a headache, i tried it out a few times and i ended up loving this nap (headaches said good-bye, Allhamdulillah).

Don’t Miss! – I have enrolled myself in a webinar on sleep management, starting Friday 29th May and Saturday 30th May. It’s free!  Check out their website for more info.


Set a goal to memorise some portion of the Quran, be it a quarter of a juz or less. I aim at completing the 30th Juz til the end of Ramadan, inshaa Allah. This is not at all easy for an inconsistent person like me but i am trying hard to eliminate all the obstacles.

Firstly, i decided to surround myself with the recitation as much as i can. Bluetooth wireless headphone/earphones seemed to be a good helping aid. I wanted something discreet so that nobody knows what i am up to 😉 Keeping my hijab in mind, i bought a pair of  PowerBeats2 Wireless earphones, which hide under the hijab and stay put. Now i can easily do all the housework and listen to the recitation without having to carry the device around. It is extremely convenient when i am outside.

Read tips on how to memorise the Quran, by Shaykh Yasir Qadhi.

Make a sincere intention now!


This is so important as it is a source of immense knowledge and above all spiritual growth. Allot 15 minutes to start with, for listening to tafsir lectures online, every day.

For English listeners tafsir sessions can be accessed on,

For Urdu listeners, ,

Start slow but be steady!



Last but not the least, make a checklist for all your goals and put it up where it is easy to see. Alternatively you can set reminder alarms on your mobile. Without a list you will get lost and will not be able to see your progress.

I hope i have not overwhelmed the readers with a lot to do. Start with small but sincere intentions, inshaa Allah you will be blessed with success and progression towards greater achievements.

May Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala make us one of those who strive hard to become one of His pious and obedient servants and may He give us the strength to fight our nafs and shaytan, and remain steadfast. Ameen.

About the Author:

ZT is a mother of two and a student of NurulQuran Institute Oslo. She loves to learn and share the knowledge with others.