Winter Activity 2013

Day 2

Winter activity course day two: Childrens activity…making Pillars of islam moneybox/organiser


Day 3

Winter activity day 3: Activity… children making there pizzas
Jamaat Salatul Dhuhr 🙂

1504121_643375135718576_1984200676_n 1505369_643375112385245_809079936_nDay 4

Winter activity day 4 ( last)…Childrens went for a little outing …Todays word was …To respect parents and teachers…and children practiced the teacher part very beautifully whole day….MASHALLAH
continue….winter activity course day four last…After they came back….they enjoyed warm cocoa milk with cupcakes…waffels….and candies……along with islamic film…Tariq bin ziyad…..


1483135_644156945640395_1165802886_n 1484170_10153698537605157_972812725_n 1510932_10153698537795157_914563505_n 1524977_644155502307206_855141937_n 1512558_642866262436130_1958130602_n1533947_642866315769458_352882457_n580288_643375069051916_376553469_n1476516_643374992385257_859684747_n1463209_644157068973716_1052291208_n1468773_644155468973876_2001340896_n1526882_10153698537485157_1197601784_n


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