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Parenting Tip # Parenting A to Z seminar

** Student Sharing **

I was not giving attention to my child, because for me Facebook updates were more attractive and important. I jumped to read every notification on every beep of my electronic gadgets. My 7 year old asked me one day ” What is more important…Facebook or I ” ? That question hit me hard and in a couple of days i deactivated my Facebook account and i never regretted the decision

We talked about how we could spend more quality time together and asked him to cut down on his television hours. He happily reduced his tv-time because he saw me giving up something i was hooked onto i.e. Facebook. I thank Allah Ta’ala for making me realize that i should value this blessing of being a parent and fulfill my duty.

If you are not giving attention to your children now, then they will seek it elsewhere and that is like entering a danger zone. May Allah protect and save us and our offsprings from social dangers. Ameen.